The operation of slot machines is the same regardless of its nature. But the calculation of winnings differs from one slot machine to another. All slot machines offered by the casinos on the Internet have their information written on it or mentioned in an “Info” tab.

It is therefore necessary to read the payment table of the slot machine to identify the image of the wildcard that can win without the obligation to have identical images on the same line and to have an idea on the amount of winnings when two, three, four or five identical items are displayed on the same payline.

You will also find information about the bonus awarded according to the image displayed on the paid line. As an example we present below the payment table of DIAMOND VALLEY slot machine game offered by the best online casinos. The latter represents the different images of the five reels of the game as well as the gain generated when they are displayed on a payline.

The winnings table of the slot machine summarizes the different possibilities of displaying the same image with the amount of gain that will be awarded.

The gain with the slot machine is not only a factor of the displayed image and the number of its display but also the pay line – learn blackjack strategy to play any hand you’re dealt.

For the classic slot machines, the pay line is the middle of the display screen. There are also classic slot machines with two or three pay lines. They take into consideration with the middle line of the screen, either the top line or the bottom line or both. The face-off depends on the number of paid lines taken by the player.

As for multi-line slot machines, they have several pay lines. The more the player bets on paid lines, the bigger the amount of the winnings.

Always with the slot machine DIAMOND VALLEY, below the different pay lines on which the player can bet.

It should be noted that, on the same line, only the highest gain is paid. The winning combinations are from left to right except for the wildcard images and the ratios of each row are multiplied by placing this line. It is also possible to win with the slot machine if its screen displays a winning combination with the bonus symbol, knowing that you have previously opted for the bonus game.

Still with the DIAMOND VALLEY Slot Machine, it is possible to win four times the total bet if the bonus symbol appears on the first roll and fifth. Of course, the game with bonus was chosen initially.

As for the gain with the progressive machines is known in advance. The amount of the jackpot is mentioned at the beginning of the game. It is important to read the rules to win because the latter differ from one online casino to another.