Slot machines are very easy to play, they do not need any skill or good technique. It is a game of chance not requiring any thought to win.

Despite the presence of several variations of slot machines, despite the differences between the large slot machines of land-based casinos and the online slot machine game, the game’s operation is still the same.

The first step is to insert coins into the slot machine of a land-based casino, or to bet for the online game and start the game in a second step, either by pressing the push button or pulling the lever of the machine or by clicking on the button “turn” online.

The player only has to wait for the fate of his game which will be determined at the end of the rotation of the different rolls of the machine. It is necessary to have identical images on the same line.

This operation is the same whether it is for a mechanical or electronic slot machine or even for the slot machines of online casinos. It is therefore essential to know that the operation of the slot machine can not be rigged or modified by the casino. The result of the game is the result of an internal roller braking system for physical machines or an algorithm randomly generating linear combinations for online slot machines.

The evolution of slot machines, made now that it is possible to win very easily, because it is no longer required to have three identical images on the middle screen line to win. It is now possible to win even if only two identical images have been displayed.

Some variations of slot machines have more than twenty paylines to win. This is especially possible with machines with more than three rolls.

It is true that slot machines have a unique and simple operation, this is not the case for the calculation of their winnings. The amount of earnings is not easy to calculate. To be able to anticipate it, it is necessary to know the amount granted for each image as well as the different winning lines.